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June 14, 2012



My grandparents had a truck farm, my parents had a huge garden, and what I have found it that the challenge to grow one's own food continues year after year. Good luck with the melons, even here in melon wonderland, I have yet to succeed.

Cindy Is Crafty

Bummer for the baby birdie, but yeah for your garden. It seems to grow and grow and grow...

Debbie St. Germain

The birds are so sweet. We have a new batch under our porch again, can hear them tweeting for their mom. I haven't even started my garden, guess I am a bit late, so just going to get a few tomato plants for this year.



Your garden has really grown! You must be getting our rain.


Wow your garden is impressive and lush; mine however is puny and barely sprouts. Guess warmth might be a factor!

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