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June 06, 2012



I imagine the parent birds are having a time feeding all those babies. Can you imagine that many mouths coming at you at once in competition for the food?

Becky in VA

Wow - that's a box FULL of birds.

I see a color palette in the Momma - you've probably already done it as a gradient!


Mom is gorgeous! The swallows are ambitious! I can't imagine how they all move (and poop) in that space. LOL! Have fun dyeing!!!

Teresa in Music City

How wonderful to watch nature that closely! But how sad to lose the bluebirds :( We have a new bluebird house and I'm concerned that it will break my heart if that happens. I know it's nature but I've got such a wimpy heart for the helpless things like baby birds. I just love the colors of the mama in Box 3! Wow - she's beautiful! Have fun dyeing some luscious fabrics :*)

Mary Anne

My goodness - all those birds in one box...those poor parents must be run ragged keeping them fed! So sad that something got the other babies, but such is the balance of nature.

LuAnn Kessi

Thanks Vicki for keeping us posted on the bird boxes.
What a beautiful tree swallow on her nest.
It is a real treat to see these images.
I imagine you walking from box to box with your camera, peeking in and taking the photos.....Thanks!
LuAnn in Oregon

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