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June 15, 2012


Scarlett Burroughs

Love this lesson Vicki! I actually have a print of the Sunrise my brother bought in Paris (many moons ago). I featured your post on Craft Gossip here,


Deb Levy

great examples! And that luminosity is one of the things I love about your gradients!


Great tips; good education! And that is why I could {want to} buy most all of your hand dyed fabrics. They glow. And I LOVE that. I don't think I ever knew the 'whys' of luminosity. Thanks Vicki!


Great explanation. The variety of reds on a white can be luminous! I wish I'd known that before. ;^)


Thanks Vicki! I started working with a light source in my quilts about 20 years ago and it is always a challenge to make one better than I have done in the past. I learned about luminosity after I started making quilts with it. I got the answer in technical terms to 'what am I doing?'.
Your hand dyed gradations really do create the luminosity.

vickie van dyken

Vicki (nice name) I love your color theory lessons. They are so pracical, easy to understand and do :) Thanks for sharing!!


Maybe it's just me put I feel that using black as background, while it certainly works to give luminosity, is a dated look. Your handdyeds are lovely and luminous. I do love me some Turner.

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