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May 17, 2012



I think it's all fabulous....something I would make and I do not worry about everything being pretty. I want it functional. I chuckled at the last line....sounds like hubby and I. :)


Marvelous -- DIY is not always as easy as it might look, but the satisfaction is so cool. Good for both of you!!!!!


You guys did a great job: I love your table. After you are rested, maybe you can come over to my place and make one for me?

Woot! Great job! And if it all works, well wahooooo!


Good job! Good for you, using parts and pieces on hand. Isn't it a relief to have table top and machine bed level? And to both have ones feet flat on the floor and the machine at the proper height? After 40-some years of sewing on top of my little sewing desk, DH and I agreed that it was ok to take the little desk apart and cut an opening in it for the sewing machine. Wow! Why didn't we think of that a long time ago. And talk about making it look pretty --it was pretty dinged up, being second hand already when I bought it. So, when he finished fitting it up for my machine, I took a chain/hammer/screw driver and "embellished" it some more. Then I filled the dents in with shoe polish and brushed a quick coat of varnish over all to make it somewhat waterproof so I wouldn't get rings from my water glass. There you have it: Linda's "antique" sewing desk. LoL

Enjoy your new sewing table! Your table top for the rolling cabinet is inspired. Great idea.


Great job! I like the no arguing part. My rooster and I are working on that! LOL


love the table with the machine level with the top! perfect.


Glad you got your table figured out!

Cindy Is Crafty

I am so glad that no one was maimed in the process! How awesome is your new table! :O)


What a fabulous way to recycle a no longer needed piece of furniture


Very cool and such a great way to recycle that old piece of furniture! Looks like you really maximized all the parts, not just the top.


Aren't you the clever dickens! And isn't Karen's studio the most beautiful space? I'd love a magic fairy to make mine look like that; but like you, not going to happen.


Workable is good.
Congratulations. I made my own. I left husband downstairs and he asked what was going on in the room over the garage. I told him I was cutting a hole in the table. The guy at Home Depot looked at me quizzically when I was picking up hardware to "put a shelf in a table. "

Ivory Spring

Vicki, you crack me up!!!

"You know that entertainment centers aren't worth much so instead of selling it I decided (while Chris was out of town) to completely dismantle it" -- oh my, you are daring!

Ruth Lane

The work table looks fab. You and Chris get a gold star!

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