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April 18, 2012


Deb Levy

gorgeous, especially the second one!

Ruth Lane

These are absolutely wonderful. I think you need to buy more silk scraps, buy more silk scraps, buy more silk scraps, buy more silk scraps, buy more silk scraps, buy more silk scraps, buy more silk scraps, buy more silk scraps, buy more silk scraps :)


Those are fabulous! I love the red and black one. Do you think you convinced yourself?

Gabriela Divine

These are unbelievable fantastically dyed scarves! t favorite is the deep ink with a tiny splash of gold and black. You must be thrilled with the outcome of these scarves - I know I am.


Fabulous!!! They really are unique and beautiful. I'd be tempted to order more. ;)


Absolutely LOVE your note to yourself!

The scarves are fabulous -- good for you for going for it!


oh, yum. those really are very snazzy!

Mary Ann Harpe

Well, if you do buy more, I will gladly help you out by taking them away to my house!

Cindy Is Crafty

They are so awesome! Did I mention that my birthday is next week! ;o) ;o)

shirley bruner

Those are ALL gorgeous. you need to have a giveaway so i have a chance to win one. WOW....great idea you had.

Jean S.

Oh my..... my mouth is watering. Color does that to me and these are unbelievable. I would be more than tempted to buy more more more so I'd best stay away.


Oh gosh...I love scarves, I adore silk...this is a match made in heaven, Vicki! Love your scraps!

Elizabeth Johnson

They are all beautiful but my favorite is the first one it looks exotic. I keep saying i won't buy more fabric (over and over) it doesn't work. But you keep trying but I think you maybe on to something. Try one one Etsy, I bet you will find a buyer, they are so pretty, it might pay for the next boxload! Just saying. Have fun.

Linda Stokes

They are gorgeous Vicki!

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