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April 14, 2012


Vicky F

Hi Vicki,
So far so good on trying to post a comment. Will let you know somehow if this doesn't go thru. No Captcha yet (maybe that's later?

Linda Kittmer

Hi Vicki, I haven't had any problems leaving comments whenever I've tried.

Mary Anne

I'm testing it too goes....

Mary Anne

Worked perfectly - and yes the verification words are there.


Testing for you from Chrome...

Susan Torrens

One more goes!


worked fie with word verification... Only `issue` I can see is the Name, Email Address, Website forms aren`t labelled, but mine did auto fill in...

Rhonda L Gillette

Worked great! Really would love to win these scraps. Have an applique project going and need lots of colors.

katie z.

Testing... Thank you for all your posts about your dyeing process. I am looking into dyeing cotton yarn for my crocheting, and am grateful for all the information about how you make your fabric colorfast.

Sue H

testing, testing, testing....


Trying from Firefox on a Mac. Working with computers can be a black art!


I am commenting from Firefox 11.0 on a PC. I haven't had any problems.


Working fine for me. :)


Last time I definitely had the captcha things - it was very hard to read!

Becky in KCMO

So far, so good.


I'm giving it a try, I haven't left a comment lately but it worked last time I tried.


I've certainly left comments before without issue. Let's see if this one works too.


I had captcha too and agree it is super hard to read. But I guess that's the idea to stop those pesky spammers.


i've never had a problem with your comment section!


Testing, testing, one, two, three, sibilance, sibilance. Firefox 11.0 with Windows 7 Pro w/ Service Pack 1.


Got nearly unreadable captcha . . . is spam technology really better than the human eye . . . and for what?


I noticed the verification was different the last time I commented so we'll see if it goes through this time.

Jane S.

Okay giving it a try here. :)

Scarlett Burroughs

Hi Vicki!
I hope you can figure this issue out quickly. I featured your post on Craft Gossip here,

Hope it helps,
Scarlett Burroughs
Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip


Ok, I'm testing too. Seems fine so far...will go click on the post button now.

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