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April 04, 2012



Have you started the Washington book yet? I was wondering how you like it. The reviews are good, but it is a looong listen.

Ivory Spring

That sounds like James Herriot, the vet! :) I was a bit afraid of tackling Robert Chernow's 900-page book on Washington, but hadn't thought of audio-book. Good idea. Did you know he spoke at Mary Washington last year?


I recently read the Irish Country Doctor (on paper) -- I really enjoyed it, too. It is a bit like Herriot, but with people. But's been a long time since I've read Herriot, so I don't know if that's an entirely accurate characterization.

I just brought home book #2. I've got about 4 different audio books started, and I can't seem to get in to any of them.


I have listened to the whole series and loved every minute of them. It was light and caring and just what I needed. I love books that you can really get to know a character.

Jane S.

I just bought this book at the store! Haven't started reading it yet but it's nice to know that it has gotten positive reviews. Thanks for sharing. :)

Cheryl K.

How interesting that you are reading Washington:A Life - I've been reading it too - seems like it's been months already but I am truly enjoying it. I feel like Washington has gone from being a mythical god-like Founding Father to a person. Our school history books never explained what made him great - it was a given. I know I'm going to be sad when I finish!

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