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April 01, 2012



Great eye, Vicki. It's so easy to overlook beautiful color such as this and be sidetracked by the "subject". I love the palette you created.

Linda Kittmer

Love these colours together. Totally gross bit of inspiration, but it's brilliant! Still LOL at the story 'cause I know I've done similar things. Good eye Vicki. You're amazing to find the beauty in something sooo disgusting! :o)


Wow, how busy is a person to forget about pie??? Too funny.

Diana W.

I love this color palette. Very pretty. (unlike the pie)


Who thought mold could be so beautiful!

Sharon MLS

Gross picture! But love the story behind it. I was immediately drawn to the turquoise thinking it sure looked like mold before reading your post!

Mary Jo

Love the color palette! Isn't it wonderful where we can find inspiration!


I'd decided my downstairs colour palette would be similar to this but a bit more cranberry and golden yellow. This is so cool.

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