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March 16, 2012


Michele Matucheski

Excellent post, Vicki!

ellen kuzemchak

Vicki, This series of posts is most enlightening! Thanks for all the info you share.

Robin in Short Pump

Wow Vicki, this is amazing! I have no formal color education but I do know about the value thing. The other two examples are fascinating. Thanks for this post.


absolutely. I'm beginning to think lots of things are 'relative'. Thanks, Vicki

Becky in VA

Great examples of how tricky colors can be.


Great article. Thanks, Vicki!

Ruth Lane

Color is always amazing, isn't it. These exercises are a great way to see who colors interact. Thanks!

Linda (Petey)

This was very informative! Thank you so much. Should help keep me from having to rippit when suddenly things don't 'look right'.

Helen Koenigl

That's cool! Thank you, Vicki! I knew already that some colors tend to "drab out" others that ordinarily I would NOT consider drab - but some of the exercises you had us do I would never have thought would be the case! Wow! Thanks aagain!

Stephanie in AZ

I've taken a color class in college based on the Josef Albers theories. I loved it! It's fun to go fabric shopping for reds and then say that it has too much blue in it or too much orange. People always look at me funny so then I show them how it works! You have to trust your eyes and your brain together. It's usually right...don't fight it!


I have never really thought about this and how much I learned from you lesson. This is really helpful and will try it on my stash fabrics...Thanks Vicky

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