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March 09, 2012


Becky in VA

Vicki, what a GREAT article!!


wonderful article I was exposed to Munsell color system in college and a couple others but the Munsell was fascinating but the instructor wouldn't let us look at it very close. Looking forward to more on color.


I can't believe how much I don't know. Loved the ref to Empedocles - he sounds amazing.


I appreciated this, Vicki. I read once about the need for a personal colour palette. I think Munsel best fits my inclinations but the whole subject of colour is fascinating. Thanks!


Thanks Vicki! I learned a lot and now will research on my own. I take color so much for granted and seeing the different color wheels was inspiring.


Great post. Never did know that Goethe was a colorist too.


Great article, Vicki. Thanks for sharing. The theory on perception is interesting - I look forward to your next post. There is the phenomena of color blindness, which I imagine is due to an issue with the color percepting rods in the eye (if I am remembering this right). I read something about color perception by Oliver Sacks, neurologist and author, but don't remember the details.

Peg S.

This was fascinating!

Lynne in Hawaii

Very good. This is a facinating history...who knew? Thank you for all the work you do in providing these lessons.

Ruth Lane

Wonderful information, thanks!

Thelma Bradshaw

Awesome article Vicky! I have Heickethier Color By Numbers and Faber Birren's Creative Color books. I really started understanding color better after reading Heickethier 's book.

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