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February 28, 2012


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I've cut way back on computer time in all areas. It's a huge time suck. And, I've noticed I have less traffic to my blog because I think others are doing the same. I miss the interaction but I certainly understand.

katie z.

I make a list and stay off the computer until at least half the list is done. Lately, cleaning for our house to go on the market has prevented me from sewing much, so sewing might show up on my list soon!


I have that same bad habit sometimes. For some reason I procrastinate going into the studio and I don't know why because I find that once I'm there and engaged with a project, I get carried away and busy and the times flies.


I very rarely get on the computer in the evening or weekend/holiday. There in lies the secret to my success.

Becky in VA

I think many of us spend/waste time on the computer - I sure do, and your blog is a good reminder for me to get my priorities back in order!

Kit Lang

I work full time (or more as I'm in law) during the day, have kids and a spouse and try to spend some time with friends too - so I'm a bear about time management.

Nine p.m. rain or shine, I go and spend a minimum of half an hour in my sewing room (which, once I'm there - no matter how unmotivated I felt to begin with, usually turns into an hour or more) On the weekends, if I'm not working, I spend a minimum of 4 hours per day.

It's the only way I can get things done!


Good thinking. I, too, need to cut way back on my computer time. I think I will work on scheduling both computer and sewing time so that I get things done. Thanks.


Great post! The computer is so seductive. There are so many great blogs and let's not even start on Pinterest. I need some discipline. Sometimes I make myself leave the laptop downstairs and I go up to the sewing room. Other times I just set a time limit and make myself get offline.

shirley bruner

i make a list for the's very rewarding to mark things off the list. i quilt a bit...then take a 10 minute break at the computer....then back to quilting. perhaps another 10 minute break in an hour or so....and do a bit of piecing. just go back and forth. it all gets done in the end. but the list is the key.


arggghhhh! I am with you. I will first get high speed to lessen the time and I'm determined to keep my blog roll to the same average number of blogs. I think I will also find a place for the computer that is NOT in my sewing room. Other than that I guess it is the 'D' word. Discipline!


I thought about this for a day before responding; I have not joined FBook as I know it will be a huge time suck, not to mention the privacy issues; I make lists, helps keep me on track and on focus. I always feel I have to get the 'work done' before I can play and sometimes the 'work' pushes the play right off the page. I also give myself a day off now and then to lesson the pressure and the guilt. My motto: Time you enjoy wasting is not a waste of time.

Ivory Spring

You crack me up, Vicki. I spend way too much time on the computer too.... and I have those deadly deadlines waiting to pounce on my any minute. But I still spend way too much time on the computer. No wonder I am stressed all the time.

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