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February 10, 2012



I'm looking forward to this, Vicki. Colour is fascinating and there is always something to learn. Thanks


Excellent post! The information is great, and the visuals really help make the point.

Eileen Keane

I went to a small parochial school in the 1960s. We never did color theory; I've never touched a prism!
I do know some basics, but I am really looking forward to your posts. Thanks for doing this!


I'm enjoying your color posts also. :)


I love color theory - I don't always get it, but I love it! Have you read Ringle & Kerr's take on color theory. I loved how they went beyond "split complemetary."

Meanwhile, I am quite stuck on transparency - I'm about to give it a go using my taupes, but I am so ready to FAIL & Yet I still shall end up with a totalyy useable quilt! I love quilting. You can study all you want about color theory, fail miserably & still have a nce warm quilt - or quilt back if you really fail!

Ruth Lane

Great post!

Ava Crotinger

Very interesting. Makes me want to learn more.

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