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February 02, 2012


Ruth Lane

Good information to know. I usually only let my stuff soak for about 30 minutes. A longer soak is in order :)


I really appreciate all of the time you spend to make a good product. I just received my last order and the fabrics are beautiful!! I can't wait to start cutting into them.


Everything good always takes time, doesn't it?

Katrina Boles

Wow, genius! I've always hated rinsing. It's always literally been a back-bending, painful process. What's one more night of the fabrics sitting anyway? I'm so giving this a try


I appreciate the time you take to share your results, Vicki. Overnight soaks it'll be.


Thank you Vicki for sharing your process. I want to start dyeing again and this is very helpful.


Great experiment! I let my dyed fabrics soak overnight too. But I had no idea how much of a difference the longer amount of time actually made! Thanks for sharing your results.

Polly @ Helping Little Hands

Thanks so much for your insights. My mother gave me some pre-cut batiks for Christmas. It's a "jelly roll" of strips cut in 2 inch widths. I've had batiks' run on quilts before, so I was hoping to use your boiling water soak on the fabric my mom gave me...I'm just worried that the edges will fray and such if I handle them too much in water before sewing. Do you think it would be better to sew them into a quilt first and then do the boiling water treatment? Or would it be better to soak the fabric strips first and just try to keep the agitating to a minimum? Thanks!


Thank you so much for this Vicky. I have been sewing on a kingsize bedquilt, spending nearly 1500 hours on it, made totally in my own handdyed fabric, coming to the final border, when I had a little accident with water from the iron and I realized it was bleeding ( I nearly cryed ).
Then three dayes a go, I was surfing The Quilt Show page and saw your advertisement for your handdyed fabrics, and I have never clicked on any advertisment before, but I did this time and ended up here and found this information and if this safes my quilt I will be forever greatfull to you. And I am going to boil and rest all my fabrics for 12 hours min. :)

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