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January 29, 2012


Becky in VA

You may be the Queen of Scraps! I can't believe you 'let' Chris take that nice little pile to the dump, as I'm sure you could have started another project with them!

You've got a really nice quilt for a Veteran cut out for Saturday Sewing!


I love everything that you made! But oooooohhhhh, I think that I would miss those wonderful little scraps too. I could see a few more post cards or two!

Ruth Lane

Next time just have Chris send them to me :)That's the size I use all the time!

Cindy Is Crafty

Cool placemats and the cards are awesome, too!

Debbie St. Germain

I love those, really fun placemats and cards, great way to use up scraps.



I am always impressed with the cards you make from your leftovers. (I like the quilts too!) The tumbler quilt, with the random scrappy blocks, will be fun to see.
I can identify with missing the scraps.....


I don't know Vicki, you threw away some big pieces of fabric there! Lovely fabrics.


I love your Coming Home placemats! Love the color palette. They are so cheery. Thanks for the tutorial. I will have to make some! I like your cards, too.

Eileen Keane

Gee, Vicki-you could bag and sell those scraps for applique pieces! I know I'd buy one.
I have the GO! cutter too, and DH just finished an apple core top. It took a lot more time than we thought it would.
Looking forward to seeing your new palette on Sunday!

anna nowicki

I love the placements. you should never throw away scraps - if you can't keep them - give them away - i am sure I would happily pay postage for them!!


For what you ended up throwing away, I think you made a lot of great projects from the scraps you must have started with. I think my favs are the "woven" postcards with the stamped leaf.



You could probably sell bags of hand-dyed scraps as "seeds". For fols to use in their own work. Bet the would be snapped up as quick as you put them up. You could use a certain size bag or by weight. Just sayin'.

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