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January 13, 2012


Marty Mason

Great information Vicki....the black and white pictures really help.


Thanks for sharing this. I am some what color challenged,this gives me


A fantastic post! I always love using the black and white trick, it always works and is quite helpful in the design process.

Dianne Nunn

Vicki, this is a great help. I often have trouble with knowing how much of something to use. I will try using the camera as you suggest.


Thanks for the lesson! I love the log cabin quilt, and the kaleidoscope quilt is stunning. Your use of value in the kaleidoscope quilt is quite complex, and I would really have to study it to understand it!

Sarah Vee

Great post, Vicki! So glad you started with Value and reminded us to have fun! Love your On a Whim Quilt! Scrap quilts can be our best teachers and a great reward;) Your kaleidoscope work is stunning! Looking forward to more.


Thanks, Vicki. Great lesson! You refer to "spool print fabrics". Would explain what that means a liitle bit, please?

Judy Laquidara

I feel like I've learned so much already! Thanks!

Joan Schott

Thank you for generously sharing your understanding of value. Great photos to demonstrate a concept difficult to define merely verbally.

Sharon MLS

I like the squinting option! tee hee!


Excellent post and yes, value is often the Achille's heel in my attempts to make a great quilt.

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