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December 19, 2011


Gabriela Divine

VIcki - your Christmas tree is over the top gorgeous with those artistically placed hand blown glass ornaments and golden garland. Can't wait to see you here in a few hours!

Mary C in WA

Beautiful Tree! I am still trying to get the energy and inclination to decorate mine. I have way too many decorations to choose just one style. I put up 7 trees (2 large and 5 small)in the Living Room last year each with a different theme. Not going there this year! I'm browsing the internet to avoid doing it right now...It's not as fun without the kids to help.

Becky in VA

Enjoy your day!!

Leslie McNeil

Ahhh MERRY CHRISTMAS Vicki!! Good job on making fine choices to spend time with friends! Looking forward to seeing what you do... paper, and non-paper, alike!! LOL


Have a fun day with Gabi! My sis does paper crafts and I have fun buying supplies for her Christmas box. I have to admit, I bought a few duplicates so I could experiment.;)


Vicki, that's an absolutely gorgeous it! I checked out Gabi's site and she does some beautiful work. It will be fun to see what you end up doing. And, I know you're going to start collecting matter how hard you try not to. :))

Ruth Lane

Merry Christmas! I don't even have a single decoration up in my house much less a tree. I think I'm being a Scrooge this year :)

Virtual Quilter


Paper is so tempting, along with all the stickers, and teh tools you need for paper crating are so cool! But yes, I don't have room for paper ... though some has crept into what little storage space I have.

By the way, there are some fabulous tree decorations you could make with paper!

Judy B

Kit Lang

Your tree is the perfect size for our family room! We need to find one just like that!

Kit Lang

oh, er... also, happy Christmas!


Pretty pretty tree! Enjoy your day out--after all, the holidays go on after Christmas. I have sometimes mailed out my cards on New Years Day!


Hi, Vicki. Your tree is so lovely. Really liked your pine tree place mats as well. Have a happy stitching holiday!
best, nadia

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