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October 08, 2011


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Dianne Nunn

I love all these pics but the last one made me laugh. It is funny when things you have used (or still use) are featured in a museum.

I didn't have glass saucepans but I had plenty of things that were very innovative.

Cindy Is Crafty

That is too funny! The staircase is magnificent!

Beth in AZ

My mom still cooks with a full set of Visions! They have a ceramic cooktop, so it must be nicer on the visions. As far as I know, she never broke any. I will have to tell her that her cookware is in a museum! Too funny!

Ann Douglas

Before I read I thought you went all Martha Stewart and got color coordinated containers for your fabrics. Love the glass


Something about the art of glass that is so appealing. I notice you have kaleidoscopes often in your art pictures. Another subcategory of interest.

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