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October 05, 2011



Beautiful stamps and results! I did some stamping on cloth this weekend, too. I used thickened dye and a foam roller. The trick really is getting just the right amount of dye on the stamp. I was telling the birds outside to hush so I could listen for that tacky sound. Your jig for the notecards was inspired!

Cindy Is Crafty

If you are doing something smaller a mouse pad is perfect. Or an open phone book. I love the tree stamp. So cool!



(P.S. - there's an article in Quilting Arts this month about stamping, and it has some tips that may help further your goals. )


I love stamps and stamping but have not been patient enough to get a fine result with the smaller stamps. I can, however, stamp like a mad woman with the big chunky stamps.

Marty Mason

Wow....what a great array of stamps. Are you a stamp-aholic now?? I would be drunk with delight!


Very helpful. Thanks, Vicki

Ivory Spring

Oh how neat. I hadn't known that one could stamp on fabrics!!! I learned something new today.


so nice, you've inspired me - I'm going to try the batting under the fabric

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