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October 25, 2011



This is a fantastic block! Thank you Vicki.


Great block!!Thanks Vicki!!


Can't wait to make mine!


I love this. Looking forward to getting started.

Linda H.

In the second color block photo, I think you have your A and C identifiers switched around.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Got mine made! thanks!

Vicki  Welsh

Thank you Linda! That post was reviewed twice and no one found that error. Its fixed now.

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Thank you for your block. I can't wait to make mine. It was worth waiting for it. Love the blocks you are making also.


Love the block! I am sewing it up right now. However, on step 4 do you really mean a 1/2" seam? I did sew that and now my block assembly does line up. Help!


This one looks like a lot of fun! Look forward to playing with it, and to seeing what everyone else comes up with.

Mary C in WA

I need a new block to sew today, THANKS!

Carrie P.

Great block. Going to try to get mine made tomorrow.


Great block, can't wait to make it. Thanks!


Thanks Vicki for a great block. Can't wait to make it


thanks for the block Vicki and also the tips on those pesky points :)

Cindy Is Crafty

How cool! Love the colors!


ok, this looks like a fun block! i hope to get to it in a couple of days.

thanks for the how-to!

Leslie McNeil

gorgeous fabrics and colors!


Beautiful block and great tutorial. Went together smoothly . Thank you !


Thank you very much for your beautiful block.

Greeting Guilitta


Thank you for the very clear instructions!

This was a great tutorial! Just posted mine to the Flickr page. Thanks.


Love a star block! I try to make this one this evening.


Hey Vicki, I made my blocks. Thanks for the design. It went together smoothly. :):)


I just put this block together and I can't believe how perfect it came out! Your method for HSTs is so great without the ears..thank you :)

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