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August 02, 2011



I didn't realize quite how much hard work is put into these fabrics, thanks for the post about it - very educational!!


Thanks for such good info!!

Andrea M.

Thank you!! My hands can get so tired trying to rinse until the water runs clear. If I may, I have a few questions for you. What is your estimate of how tightly packed the fabric is for the boiling bath? Do you use Synthropol or another detergent?


Wow; amazing process. Nice post. Boiling water... you are dedicated, that's for sure, and the fabrics are beautiful. That's why I will BUY From you!


Thank you so much for this. I have always left my fabric to soak for ages (often days) during the rinsing process because the kids only let me have twenty minutes a day for dyeing - no chance to stand at the sink for hours until it "rinses clear" - I'll keep doing it with clear conscience!

The other terrible thing I do is put all the dyed fabric in the laundry tub (without the plug in) and, during a normal household load of washing, I let the rinse hose of the washing machine empty all over it as another grubby soapy rinse ... I shouldn't admit to it but it's the combined effect of severe water restrictions and far too much household laundry!


That was very interesting - thanks.


Thanks for sharing your process, Vicki! I haven't done any dyeing in a while but I will remember it when I do. It is a long process, as you said, but you can't argue with what works!


Thanks for walking us through your process! Are you using Synthrapol as your detergent?


what a great post! Very educational!


Awesome post.....just one more reason why buying your fabrics is such a good deal! :)


It is all about the details, isn't it. Thanks for all the details for they are appreciated.


Have you looked into a different washing machine?
Ours has an extended wash setting & sanitize temperature (158)...

Just thinking that the right equipment could help the process...


Great information! It would still freak me out to mix the darks and lights together!. The degergent you use could be a factor in the success or failure. I use Era when washing my dyed fabrics.

Marian Moody

A most informative post!

The Quilt Rat

oh yeah I have run (pardon the pun) into that problem with commercial hand dyes...some are just awful. I have found that using a bit of Retain in my soak water definitely helps to stop the bleed

LuAnn Kessi are the best!
Thank you for this educational post.
I am planning to use one of your hand dyes in a challenge quilt for my guild this year. I will post my progress starting this fall on my blog.
Thanks again,
LuAnn in Oregon



Thanks for sharing and clearing up this on-going question in my mind (and the mind of others). I'll be sure to share this.



Great post! Such a lot of work goes into your fabrics even after the dyeing is done!


Valuable information, Vickie. I am pinning this so that I never lose this info! Thanks so much!!

Lisa Johnson

I do find this very interesting. Like being given a trade secret. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.


Great, great article. I just sent the link to a friend of mine that is just starting to use hand dyes.

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