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May 03, 2011



I used to make clothing too but rarely do anymore. I do not know why as drawstring pants are a favorite find when I find them that fit right. I'm not quite so hard to fit as you but I have long arms, long legs, longer than normal neck to waist measurements and a wider than normal back although it doesn't look it. Almost all button down shirts never fit right as I have to buy them too baggy so they don't pull tight across the breasts (even though I don't have big ones :) ) a regular size is just too tight in that area! A wide back just isn't good for that style of shirt.
Pants fit much better!


I would love this in linen! Woohoo!


Pretty classy, Vicki. I'm encouraged as making some of my own clothes is on the 'to-do' list. I'm so frustrated trying to find stuff that fits and that I like. I'm definitely gonna be using the patterns more that once when I get a good fit!


I am not laughing at you, I am laughing with you! I am also hard to fit and your story is similar to mine, except I have long legs and no behind, but I am short. I looked at the same pattern and thought about reviving my tailoring skills. Now, after reading your post, I am thinking I might just go to the thrift store and find some to alter! LOL! I do love the fabric you used and there is nothing better than a pair of silk pants in the summer. Thanks for your lessons learned.

Sandy Jandik

I have a weird body too and a waistline-something that doesn't exist anymore. If I find jeans that come close to fitting, I buy them.

Marty Mason

Wonderful fabric - great look. These are keepers!


I love your post, great pants, but don't temp me. I haven't made any thing for myself in years!


Those are some hot pants:)


Very nice pants. I have short legs (and a long rise) so I have to hem everything anyway. I haven't sewn garments in years...maybe I should start again. Got a sewing machine just sitting there...


It is so hard to determine a pattern size from the measurements they give. I think that is why I gave up sewing garments. I am going to make some shirts this year though.

Debbie  St.Germain

I find that the patterns look oversized and wrong type of fit for me.
That is why I want to use things I have and make patterns with those, I am picky on how mine fit;) Love the new birdies in the boxes.



Way to go, Vicky, the pants are awesome.


Well, at least you've ended up with pants that will work for you! I never use the size charts on the pattern envelopes. I always look at the final garment measurements printed on the pattern and then figure out what size to cut based on how much ease I want. There doesn't seem to be much consistency in amount of ease even within one pattern company these days, so if you have one pattern that works for you, stick with it!

Judy Sall

I have a friend who sews clothing, and she is going to fit a pattern to me so I can sew multiples! I don't know how to do it on myself, so this is the next best thing. I'm tempted to try pants too, as I have poor luck finding any variety of fabric in the store bought variety. Thanks for the inspiration!


Great post Vicki, very informative. I haven't sewn clothes for a few years now, but feel like making myself something again. Pants are just the pits to make for oneself or others, in my opinion. I sewed for others for almost 20 years, and definitely hated making pants. The most success I had was with one particular style from Burda, fit like a second skin, looked fantastic [not on me..........on my client]. I am a weird shape too, short, no hips, waist too big, need I go on. Thanks heaps.


Yep, I'm laughing!!!! Good post; I really enjoyed it.

Cindy Is Crafty

I am digging your cool new pants! :O)


I haven't sewn clothes in years, but luckily I am not a particularly odd size. I do love those trousers, though, and it would be nice to be able to choose your own fabric for clothes. But will I ever start garment making again? Almost certainly not...

Ivory Spring

Nice! I am impressed with how the pocket fabric matches the print. I wouldn't even how to begin to do that.

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