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May 15, 2011


ellen kuzemchak

Vicki, that is stunning!!! I love every single segment of it.

sue bleiweiss


Yvonne's amazing. I love your take on the challenge....just fabulous!

Freda Henderson

Whatever you call it Vicki, it is gorgeous! I love all the design elements you used in it.

Sue H

Beautiful work!

Carie Shields

It's very beautiful. Love the design.

Becky in VA

You keep pushing yourself and I'm amazed by all you do, and how well you do it and loved it when you said "Two other firsts include doing vast amounts of pebbling and serious curved cross hatching. Both, it turns out, are reasonably easy to master." Yes, I'd say you mastered everything about this quilt!!! Great work!

Chris D

Jaw dropping, awesome, amazing! Well done Vicki!

Deb Levy

WOW,WOW, were right, I am SURPRISED!

Fabulous take on the word and your design and execution is spectacular.

Awesome Vicki!!!




Excellent! I think with all the "stuff" available to us to embellish with, we forget that the simplest of embellishments can really make a statement.

Robin in Short Pump

This is jaw-dropping gorgeous. And your first one? How can you top this?


A wonderful quilt.....congratulations!!!!


The embellishments on this quilt are extraordinary - this quilt renders me speechless and in an utter state of awe.


Beautifully done!!!!Love your take on this one.

Judy Rys

Reasonably satisfied? It's gorgeous. I love the soft pebbles against the crisp lines. I never would have thought of doing a whole cloth quilt, but the fabric is definitely embellished with beautiful stitches.


Wow, this is fabulous. Love the design.


Absolutely wonderful embellishing!


It's beautiful but unexpected. I also think it's pretty amazing for a first whole cloth quilt.

Kristin Farwig

"reasonably easy to master" - really?

This is beautiful, Vicki. Please tell me you marked some of the design lines? If so, what product do you recommend?

Again, really nice quilt. You are so versatile.


Beautiful Vicki. Great feathers.

Heather Woollove

It's glorious and PERFECT, Vicki...
...but did no one else remark about your offhand mention of the "faint blood stain"?!?!?!? Yeesh!:)


At first glance (before reading), I thought (feel free to steal my idea) that you had quilted x-number of identical whole cloth quiltlets & sent them out to the x-number of participants with their resulting instructions being to "Embellish this."

Love what you did, btw. (Less is sometimes more.)

What Comes Next?

Gorgeous work!

Carole Prevost-Meier

WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW, your machine quilting skills are amazing Vicki! Wow! I guess that means I'm speechless! ;o) Amazing! Stunning..... Wow, thanks for sharing!

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