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April 07, 2011



I love what you did with all those leftovers! I'd probably sew whichever of those projects you could use (for gifts or yourself) or whichever you enjoy making the most. Now the inexpensive batik - I'd stop buy it anyway, even if it is just for the stash- I love batiks!

Becky in VA

Vicki, so nice of you to cut the brown teal tumbler pieces. I would never think of throwing away all those gorgeous scraps, either - and love what you did with them.

Enjoy your teal sewing!


Beautiful! I love browns and blues together. I wish I had your energy!

Julie Bagamary

Great idea. I'm planning on making some Preemie Quilt kits for myself to create. Having them ready seems to make it go easier.


I would sew them together just for the fun of doing it. I have so many pieces like this now and I love opening the drawer and playing with them. I have a friend who collects the 'too small to sew' pieces and stuffs pillows with them, so I can let them go.


What a lovely colour combination. I think I'd turn them in to some mug rugs or maybe even a new bag if there were enough.


Oh, you are not folling me! You really just wanted the little scraps to play with and that's why you cut the kits!

Seriously, I find I am much more creative with scraps. Give me a big piece of fabric and I am paralyzed. Rip off a chunk and I can create.

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