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February 16, 2011


Marilyn Wall

Vicki, I'm not able to reach you via email. Been trying for a couple of months. Hope all is well.



I will be happy to buy $5.00 worth of tickets. I just saw more info on the Paula Nadelstern kaleidoscope exhibit that the Akron Art Museum will be hosting starting in June. It will be her quilts and actual kaleidoscopes. I would love to see some pictures if possible of the Virgina Quilt Museum exhibit as I am going to be involved in the marketing and community involvement for the AAM exhibit. Any ideas of how or who the show could be presented would help.

Scarlett Burroughs

I wanted to share your fundraising efforts with Craft Gossip readers. I linked to your post here,

I love the quilt and learning more about the makers.

Scarlett Burroughs
Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip


Are you bringing tickets to Mid-Atlantic?


It is indeed a lovely quilt!

Ivory Spring

That is a most worthy cause, Vicki. The Quilt Museum is on my list of places to visit! Count me in. Please email me your mailing address. I think I had it tucked away somewhere at one time... but in my current circumstance, I wouldn't even know where to start looking for it.

Becky in VA

Thank you, Vicki, for blogging about our Quilt Chapter and our Vintage Stars quilt. All of the things you said about our members are so very true; we do indeed have a wonderful little group of very kind and talented people. I could go on telling about Betty and Linda who organize and 'put on' Quilt Bingo each July to raise money for the American Cancer Society. 16 games of Bingo and all prizes are quilts! Our members have also been sending Care Packages to our troops for almost 4 years. Yes, if there was a list of Best Quilting Groups, our little chapter would be at the top of the list. I'd like to add that I have NOT won Best of Show in Paducah, but 1st place twice, as well as some other awards.
Betsy Scott made MOST of the blocks for Vintage Stars, and she cut all the pieces, making for a much more succesful group project. THANK YOU, VICKI, for sharing this beauty with all your readers. Please help support our Virginia Quilt Museum.


Hi Vicki
You said it perfectly....quilting and fellowship...while I love my quilting, the joy of spending time with like minded friends is immeasurable. Spending a block of time with them is a joy and to make things even better, whatever we've made while we chatted is like a little gift to take home with us. I'd rather do that than go out any day!


I want tickets!!

I probably have your address somewhere in a old email but if you could send it to me again I'll get my check right in the mail. It's a beautiful quilt and I want it.


I would love a ticket (or 5).
Can people outside the US enter?

Cindy Is Crafty

Vicki, put me down for $20! I will mail you a check this weekend! I have your addy.

Marian Moody

Vicki, grateful thanks for highlighting the Quilt Museum project. And thanks for all the nice comments about the Country School Quilters. I do think it is a very special group.


Hi Vicki, can people outside the US enter ? I can pay with Paypal.

Toni Mesplay

Hi, Vicki,
That's a very handsome quilt. I'd like to buy some raffle tickets.

Cherie Moore

Vicky, I was pretty sure I'd left a message that I'd like to by tickets but I don't see it here. I didn't get an email with your address so that should have been my clue!! izoofan2 AT hotmail DOT com

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