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February 03, 2011


Judy Alexander

Love what you have done with these!

Sue H

Wow! Actually, I really like that final composite picture. Very cool.


I took an Elements class online a couple years ago and learned a lot about the program...of course, I've promptly forgotten the things I don't use that often but I can always refer back to my class materials.

Mary Anne

Crappy end result? I think not!!!


It definitely looks like a great class.

Debbie  St.Germain

It is fun playing with photoshop.
One thing I notice on your tree, is you went a bit sharp on the last one, sometimes soft looks nicer. Might be too much contrast?


Marty Mason

Now you are addicted - but oh what fun you're gonna have. I can spend hours in my photoshop and wonder where the time has gone!


I feel so much better not knowing Photoshop! I am sure wasting Hours on the computer would be easy for me to do. Not that I can't do that already . . . . but who needs more incentive!!

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