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January 18, 2011


sue bleiweiss

LOVE this as a pillow - great idea!


Absolutely stunningly gorgeous!


I love this!! and I don't mean any disrespect, but I'm thinking brain surgery would be easier than putting this kaleidoscope together. 240 pieces?! OMG. It's just fabulous.

Cheryl K.

You started with beautiful fabrics, then what you did with them is outstanding. Take a bow!


This is fabulous Vicki, so intricate, and it looks wonderful as a pillow.

Becky in VA

Gorgeous! A pillow? Who'd have thought Vicki would make a pillow - an exquisite pillow, of course!

Sue H

Wow! It was totally impressive and lovely, but in the square format as a pillow it's STUNNING! And thank you for outlining your individual pieces. I knew it was complex, but it's fun to see it broken out like that. Yummmmm.


Nice! I think that's a stunning use of a piece you weren't quite happy with.


Lovely, I do agree the pillow somehow enhances it better.


I thought of a flower when I first looked at it and it is much better in the square format. Yes, expensive indeed with ultrasuede, but how luxurious!

Ruth Lane

I continue to be amazed by your process on these kaleidoscopes - so many seams, so many itty bitty pieces of fabric. The pillow is beautiful and the square shape enhances the radial balance of the piece. Great job.

Deb Levy

The square format really makes this design shine! Fabulous idea to make a pillow...gorgeous!

Marian Moody

Well Vicki, I am totally blown away with this one, no descriptive phrases come to mind to describe how utterly delicious this piece is, (and yes, i love it in the pillow, it somehow intensifies it! I don't know if I would have been brave enough to try it after all that work.)
Love it, love it, love it.

Sandy Jandik

It's a beautiful pillow.


That is absolutely gorgeous!! I am assuming these are the techniques that you learned at the Paula Nadelstern class?

Cindy Is Crafty

How pretty! I think it is much better as a pillow, too. Awesome job!

Debbie  St.Germain

That is gorgeous! And against the black background it really is stunning, beautiful work and design.


ellen kuzemchak


Kimmy Brunner

Vicki, you are absolutely THE BEST when it comes to kaleidoscope blocks. I wish I had your eye for design detail.

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