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December 12, 2010


Mary Beth

I adore Bargello but keep quite a distance between it and me! Lucky is the person who receives this beautiful piece :)


Your tablerunner will look smashing on that gorgeous table. And, now you can start another totally obsessively tedious project! (I know-you don't need any encouragement from the peanut gallery!)


Lucky's gorgeous! It will be fabulous on that table.


It's beautiful. While I love the look of bargello quilts, I cannot envision myself ever making one.


It's beautiful!! But you are NOT going to tempt me---I have a variation of a drunkard's path pattern already picked out for using the sugar maple group!


I have to agree that type of Bargello is a pain in the a** but stunning anyway. I prefer making the random pattern bargello to the planned symetrical one. That table is beautiful and you are right, it would be great on it. Now you can move on to some fun. I hope your finger is healed.


It is quite stunning, Vicki. I have done one and I'd maybe do another but wall hangings, not large and convoluted windings. ;)

Karen S

It is beautiful -- I love obsessive and tedious piecing also, but having done one semi-bargello project, the only way I'll get another is if someone is kind enough to donate one to me.

Heather Woollove

Lucky friend, indeed!!
...I checked out her table
(and the carpenter, too, I might add!!) :)
...both are lovely.


It will look gorgeous on that table...lucky Kim!

Ivory Spring

Beautiful - it looks rich!


Turned out beautifully! I think it will look wonderful on Kim's table.

Liz in Kansas

It's absolutely gorgeous! I can't imagine myself doing the small pieces/tedious thing, but this does look tempting. Kim is truly lucky to have you as a friend.

Donna Rae

The table runner is just outstanding! I adore it. The first one I tried was a few years back. It was a blog that did a pattern and no-one had tried it yet. Well I gave it a go and it did not finish right. I let them know but was kind of squirmy about doing another one even though I really like the finished bargello, wall, table, whatever. Did you do the pattern yourself after cutting the strips or did you use a book or pattern for the design. I noticed a book somewhere on your blog so looked for it again but missed it. I will look again but would like to know if that is what you used. Or what do you recommend to use for a pattern or book. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!
Donna Rae

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