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December 05, 2010



LOVE these placemats - the leaves are great!

Deb Levy

Those placemats are FABULOUS!!!!

Too bad they aren't coming to my house,lol

Connie Rose

Really beautiful, Vicki!

Elizabeth Woodford

Vicki!! These are stunning!!! The gradient is glorious used in this way!!! I would be keeping these as welll!!!!!
I would love to amke a set of these for my MIL for her B-day in March!!!!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

Vicki - I'm swooning over your exquisite place mats. They're stunning and oh so inviting.


Those are stunning placemats. I'm glad you are keeping them. It seems to me that rarely does a giftee appreciate the quilted gift as much as does the quilter of the gift.




I am with you on giving your handmade things to people who you know will love them. And I also think that giving these to yourself is the right thing to do, because you will love them, they are beautiful!


Those are the colors, the leaves are perfect!

Quilter Kathy

Love these placemats! Just stunning!

Deb Hardman

I can't bring myself to unwrap my fabics yet. They look so pretty folded up in the package! Seeing these beautiful placemats, tht you have made makes my fingers itch to fondle the fabric though, so I may open them up today! Thans so much!


I can see why you would keep them for yourself. They are beautiful. The hand dyes are perfect for them.


I love these placemats!

sue bleiweiss

these are awesome!


Wow oh Wow, these are gorgeous!




Super! Those leaves just pop and I can see why you'd want to keep these!

Cindy Is Crafty

Were they the napkins with the brown and tan stitched edges? Wow, they dyed nice. Love the placemats, too! Awesome!

Mary Anne

I don't blame you for wanting to keep them! You could do similar ones using all sorts of leaf shapes - definitely a winner.



Ivory Spring

I am in love with those placemats!

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