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November 12, 2010



Vicki, I somehow got away from 3 Creative Studios and thought I'd be back as soon as I got caught up. ;) I get the newsletter but the blog disappeared somewhere so I'm back on I think and ready or not I shall be tagging along. You gals do a great job and are the ones I'll create along with on line. I'm not sure I can meet this deadline but I'm up for the next.


I love these postcards and coasters! Very pretty and bright...and good for you for using every little bit!

Debbie  St.Germain

I love the fun colors and the crazy blocks.
I think I have more fun making crazy blocks with scraps.



These are lovely Vicki. I love the clear, bright colours, and the zany piecing. I'm another who is loathe to toss away offcuts, have them 'put aside' for a rainy day. Thank you for taking an interest in my blog. Looking forward to new TOM in a few days, looks interesting.


Beautiful book cover!

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