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November 15, 2010



Very pretty!

shirley bruner

OMG!...that is gorgeous...i LOVE it. you need to teach a class on that, too. that is so beautiful. i want it. LOL
great job Vicki


I love it....especially the ruffled one. :)


so different and pretty.

Libby Fife

Hey, I think it is very artful! Beauty and precision, thoughtful planning of placement and color choices as well as the technique, all say art to me. Good job:)

Deb Levy

Yes it is includes all the elements of good design; line,color,unity, balance, looks good from a distance and draws you in for closer inspection.

Great piece!


I love it!!

Carie Shields

I love the look of these kaleidoscopes. Very pretty!




Such a great effect and instantly recognizable. super!


Love it! I think it is great - certainly easier than those Cracker Box ornaments.

Ruth Lane

It turned out great!



Linda Card

At first glance, it is simple. But then you see the kaleidoscopes and their detail. Lovely.


I just love your ornaments! I just took a class "Simple Symmetry" in Houston with Paula Nadelstern and I really enjoyed it. Your piece is a wonderful inspiration on what to do with the technique. Thank you,


It turned out great. It is unique, whether you name it art or not.

Karen S

Vicki! This is gorgeous! I would love to see the "uncut version" of some of the fabrics you used.

Jeanne McBrayer

I have been so busy that I have gotten behind in my blog reading. These kaleidoscope ornaments are stunning! I can see why Chris loves this piece.

Becky in VA

I love it, too. I like that it looks uniquely you! And don't you just love it, that Chris loves it!


Very clever! I love the frilly edge effect on the largest ornament.


I love it! I think its probably my favorite. I noticed the binding and how well it framed the piece right away, it was perfect and I love how you've created the ornaments from the kaleidoscope blocks.


This is spectacular!


first thing i thought of were your ornaments....perfect addition to the collection!


I love this quilt Vicki. I can see why you like reminded me of all the cracker box ornaments you make. At first glance, it looked like there was goldwork stitched around all the ornaments. I couldn't tell from the pics. Is there? They look GREAT!

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