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September 29, 2010



Oh, that's a great piece! There's lots of great texture there.


1. I match the thread color to the applique piece.

2. I use whatever is thinnest and whatever matches the best. I know there are some applique purists that use silk and other thinner threads.

My best piece of advice is to use the thinnest needle you can find. I use straw needles, size 10 or 11 (can't remember off the top of my head), but they are super thin, and leave no large ugly holes, even in silk and even with Coats and Clark regular thread. I've done all the hand applique and beading on my garments with these and I won't use anything else. Even in regular garment sewing, I reach for these first.

Ruth Lane

Well that was certainly quicker than your last handwork project! =0)

Michelle Wyman

I can't tell if you plan on doing machine applique or needleturn hand applique.

For machine, I'd go with the Masterpiece. Match or contrast depending on the look you are after. I like the blanket stitch or tiny zigzag.

For needleturn, I use a Straw or Milliner's needle size 10 or 11. I would use the thinnest smoothest thread you have which would be the BL and match the applique color. I use silk mostly.

For needleturn, there are lots of techniques to help you get it to look good. A wonderful blog with tutorials is

Have fun!

Dotti Cullen

I have done a ton of applique. Typically, silk thread is used because it is both thin and strong. I'm also not a cotton purist when it comes to thread. I choose the thinnest (but still strong) I can get away with. Then you match the thread to the applique...not the background. If you don't have a match, or close match, then choose a neutral thread. I happen to have two spools of silk thread I is a gray, one a dark ecru. I guess I ought to post a few of my appliqued quilts on my blog!


Your embroidery would be very pretty with some of your hand dyed fabrics.


Here's another vote for the straw needles. I use these for all my bindings too.

Cindy Is Crafty

No boobies this week? What the...


Love it. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with it in the future. No help on your applique questions though as I haven't done much myself either, sorry.


I match to whichever is easiest! I appliqued a rainbow to black and did it all in black, since at least that was the same all around! And I find cotton better to handsew with, so would use the masterpiece (I have tried with bottomline).

sue bleiweiss

I like the color combination in this new embroidery project.


Yummy idea for a future bag because it sure is pretty!


I know I am in the minority here (without reading the other comments) but I generally just use a nice medium gray for my applique. & it is cotton becasue I like how it "grabs" the fabric. (I COULD NOT use silk... I tried & hated it.)


1.Match the piece being applied.

If you are a good hand stitcher and can hide your stitches you don't have to worry about thread color, but I am not that good.

I use Masterpiece, Mettler 60wt, and DMC machine embroidery threads. No one company has all the colors I have needed, but I can usually find a good match in these three companies

Deb Levy

Match the appliqué

Best thread...Bottom line of the two you mentioned.

Ivory Spring

Beautiful finish. What is your next needlework project?

Kathleen Murphy

I love this embroidery too! I love it in art quilts. The texture is beautiful.

I would match to applique and use thinnest cotton.

Good luck!

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