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August 25, 2010


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needlepoint? I thought I might like to do some needlepoint recently but then I tried it and decided it was too structured for my tastes.

Robbie kids and I used to make those same 'pin' ornaments years ago!! My kids are now 43 and 41 so you know how long ago that was!! Thanks for the memories!! Very pretty, by the way! As is your needlepoint!


Are you using a pattern for the ornaments. It is absolutely beautiful and I would love to make some.


I have used the polyester stuff in appliques. It is great. In fact, I have a WIP of an applique iris garden that I'm using it in. Are you going to machine applique or hand applique?

Wanda Stivison

Wow, that is a lot of pinning and precise work! Beautiful! I also love the hand dyed dress. Wow, that is stunningly awesome!

Cindy Is Crafty

Blue footed boobie. Isn't that what you get in the winter when you have spent too long out in the snow?

I love the fabrics Ann got for you. the top one reminds me of dandelion seeds.


I like Wednesdays at your place!! Very pretty fabrics.

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