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August 10, 2010



Really interesting! I would never have thought of my kitchen drawer as a wreck but it is! Great pics.

Marty Mason

What a happy wreck you made of the original, but then I see nothing wrong with the first take...looks just like mine! So, are you calling my kitchen drawers "wrecks." Okay...if the shoe fits!

Mary Anne

Maybe now you can just tell Chris that the 'wreck' is really art fodder? Just sayin'

Virtual Quilter

Now I know why we have to have all those gadgets in the kitchen .... it has nothing to do with cooking, thank goodness!

Judy B

Deb Levy

Hey, how'd you get that picture of my kitchen drawer??

Nice arty take on the clutter though.


I like it....maybe I can tell Tim some of the messes around here are just art fodder in waiting. I really like your take on it.....very cool.

Connie Rose

Looks like printers' heaven!

LuAnn Kessi

Hi Vicki,
My friends came over and we had a play day sun printing with setacolor paints. We started out creating landscape fabrics, then we went wild. I made a slideshow video of our fabrics:

LuAnn in Oregon


I thought you were retired now? You should have PLENTY of time to cook and get fed up with your kitchen and want a total reno. And while the contractors are there, have a new studio built, too!

Linda Moran

I like these. I am always entranced with what we can come up with in Photoshop.

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