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July 21, 2010


Irene Puzinas

I'm sure the only reason you hate it is because you've been looking at it for so long. It's beautiful and the detail is outstanding. Put it away for a little while, then pull it out again and you will fall in love with it all over again like you did when you bought it.

Judy Whitehead

It is absolutely adorable! And I so applaud you for finishing it..... I've done a bit of cross-stitch, small things. That amount of patience and perseverance finishing it took (especially when you so dislike it) should be commended. And from the smile on Maggie's face, I don't think the profanity bothered her at all, she looks quite amused with it! LOL

Diana W.

It is amazing how long these little cross stitch pictures take! You did it though and now you MUST frame her. I was just thinking I would start a new cross stitch myself. Maybe I will do a weekly update too to keep myself going. Congrats on finishing this. It is a relief isn't it? It looks great!

Becky in VA

It's lovely and I think you should call this piece: "COMMITMENT"


It turned out great! You should be proud of yourself for not giving up. Yeah Vicki!


Well, it is done. It is good to finish something, but I'm pretty sure you'll never look at it the same or with any interest. I know you have plans for it.

Deb Levy

Congratulations for sticking with it! You've got more fortitude than I do, for sure!

I think it is just the cutest piece though...of course, I didn't have to work on it for 9 years!


I love it and I have a kitty named Maggie. Congratulations on sticking with and finishing it even though you hate it. :)

Ruth Lane

OMG!! Unbelievable persistence - way to go.


Vicki, this really is a charming piece. I'm sure one could sit and look at it for a long time and still miss some of the detail. I admire you for finishing it even though you were tired of it. It's interesting how our tastes change over a period of years. My surely have. I hope whoever receives this piece recognizes the value in terms of your time, skill and perseverance, as well as the beauty of the design. You did good!


Well I love it and think you have been a star to get it done . Give yourself a big reward and I agree you must get it framed xxx

Ann Flowers

Congratulations on finishing it. It is a stunning piece. I agree the detail is amazing. You did a wonderful job on it!!!

Ann Flowers


YAYYYYYY!!!It really is pretty though:)


Vicki thank you for sharing your thoughts about Maggie. I'm impressed with your ability to push on thru no matter how long it took. That's really the big deal to take away from this one. At least for me. Good example you set. Plus the biggest one of all which is to stay away from cross stitch for a while. Hee! :)


But it's so CUTE, LOL!!


Mice? But you are one persistent kitty to get this done. I lift my thimble to you! Congratulations.

Mary Anne

Kudos, congrats, and all the words I'm too lazy to get my thesaurus out to hunt up! Despite your hatred for it, I think it's absolutely gorgeous.

Sue H

I wish we were neighbors -- I would uncork a good bottle of wine and lift a glass with you, or two. Congratulations!

Terri Stegmiller

You've got to be kidding me! You finished it? Wow, congrats! So what did you do with it....frame it, make a pillow, toilet seat cover???

Mary Beth

Wonderful! Congrats :)


Yeah! Quite a saga. Aren't you even a bit sad to have it finished? Maybe not after NINE years. My kit remains in the drawer, maybe one day when I have almost a decade to spare, lol.
Anyhow, it is beattiful, really.

Liz in Kansas

My, that is one big kitty! Of course, she's had nine years of your "loving" attention so she had to get pretty big. Put her aside for awhile and then I think you won't hate her the next time you look at it. You did a great job!


I have to say ..I love it! (its Charles Wysocki isn't it? he is my fav!) But don't despair! it took me 12 years to do a HUGE alphabet. I still have the pattern, but I will NEVER do it again!...Oh..and guess what? I'm in the middle of a big Charles Wysocki cross stitch my adult daughter started..then brought home to me! It was the 1st thing I had ever seen of his..and has 'quilts for sale' on it. I will try to post about both of these tomorrow...


Yay, Yay!! I am doing a happy dance for you!! It is absolutely gorgeous. You persevered and it was totally worth it... at least from my end. Perfection! So do you think it will take me as long once I start mine?


Congrats on the finish .. it turned out fabulous.

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