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June 28, 2010



Vicki, What a great idea that I think I will borrow/steal. What really makes them work is the fuzzy selvage edge - that adds some nice texture.

Quilter Kathy

These are so cool! I want to take a gold pen and calligraphy something on each card...somthing like SHINE or SPARKLE or GLOW.... Very fun!


Oh my goodness what a marvelous idea and how utterly special these postcards turned out. Gorgeous hand-dyed fabrid plus the gold leaf - and set on the navy blue fabric - well these are simply irresistable. Touché, Vicki!

Terri Stegmiller

I hate throwing this stuff in the trash too and Wow, did these turn out great!

Becky in VA

What a great use of raffled strips!!!

You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. But with each new project I continue to be even more amazed with what you come up with. Happy stitching.

deb levy

Now that is a great use of pretty scraps! Beautiful!

Mary Anne

I'd say that's a stroke of brilliance! I wouldn't want to waste hand dyed fabric either even if it was only little scraps.

Jeanne McBrayer

You clever girl!


Way cool! I love the postcard you did with the baby birds. :)

Cindy Is Crafty

Just promise me that was not my scraps! :O) Just kidding, they are awesome!

Debbie  St.Germain

Wonderful idea. I do use small pieces of fabric like that, sort of like crazy quilting and then make larger pieces to use for stuffed animals and things.
Today I was doing a wool clean out, lots of wool, covered in cat hair.



Clever girl!


That's so cool - they're beautiful and a clever use of scraps. I don't like throwing out anything I've dyed, either. Thankfully what I make with my dyed fabrics require small pieces!


What a good idea!

sue b

Great idea, I love these!

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