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June 17, 2010


Terri Stegmiller

I vote for option A.


My first reaction was Option B, but that was based on color only: I like turquoise. For the actual setting, I like Option F.


Option A .. though I really like D and E too, but not with the green in the centre.


I like option A the best.


I'm gonna jump on the A bandwagon, since I just love stars of any kind.

I have to fess up. Right before the last two blocks at 3Creative, I put the made blocks and fabrics away to make sure I had enuf of all the fabrics for the last couple.

And now I CAN'T FIND THEM! I don't know if I put them all in a bag, or just put the stack somewhere. I keep thinking I'll run across it all, but it's not happening. *sigh*


Vicki - I love B but they are all really interesting. You have started allsorts of ideas going on in my mind xx

Cheryl K.

I liked C, until I saw F and then that was it. I like how the squares on point seem to organize the sampler block.


A and F


F & A are my favorites. The only thing I don't like in F is where the turquoise in the chain runs into the turquoise in the block so if that's the same fabric in both, I'd change the fabric or probably change my mind to A.


I like A best, and F.

Michelle Wyman

My first choice is A. 2nd choice is E.

Somehow the turq seems to overpowering in the other choices, I really like the yellow and orange used in A and E.

Can't wait to see it all done!!

Joan Santoro

i'm a fan of option B.


I like F the best.


Option B - but that is because I like the turquoise!

Sue H

I like E the best, with D in second place. This will be such a bright, cheerful & fun quilt!

Peggy Bennett

I love option B, it has enough orange in ght border to balance all the blue and will really make the whole quilt pop!


I vote for A or D.....basically I like them all!!!!


OMG there is a lot of orange in there...

I like the turquise intensity of B and checkerboard effect with more yellow in E -- they all look like a lot of work!

Sharon MLS

I'm thinking the blue in B, C and F pull the eye away from the blocks. So I am leaning towards A, D or E where the focus stays on the blocks. D is my favorite. No matter which you go with, it will be a bright popping quilt! Nice!


I really like B. Part of it is the color but I like how the center of the quilt looks best also. Any of them will be great and I am looking forward to seeing what you decide on.

Vicky F

Hi Vicki,
I like option B with the flying geese and color combo.
Option F is my second choice.


Oh my gosh! Now you've done it! Raised the bar you have. 8^) I like diagonal sets so F but A is also a winner. Now I'm rethinking my possibles.

tracey petersen

I like B - blue with flying geese. The blue draws your eye towards the blocks.


The first seems to set them off at their best.


D! (I could add all kinds of support, but you are probably just going with the numbers...)

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