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June 19, 2010


Becky in VA

Oh my - your creativity runneth over!! I love the nest you've placed the babies in and the textured edges are perfect; not to mention the perfect fabrics. Nice job - looking forward to seeing the other "home" postcards.

Judy Whitehead

Oh! I'm going to be watching my mailbox every day now!

Love that edge finish! PERFECT!

deb levy

That is very cool! The texture is perfect and looks like a nest! Those babies are just precious too.

Ruth Lane

What a great idea - I'm sure all the recipients will be happy to get these in their mailbox. Great technique/tutorial as well.

Connie Rose

Very cool, Vicki!

Gabi With An Eye

Holy cow! These are unequivocably THE bestest postcards evah! They are so unbelievably perfect! You've got more vision and more talent in your little finger than most artists I know. I just love the fabric nest extension of that incredible photograph. Your creativity is sheer genius.

Cindy Is Crafty

What a great card, Vicki! I love it!

Debbie  St.Germain

I love those, that is so neat with the crazy quilting and raw edges, it keeps with the nest theme. I found another nest today, it was in my husband's kayak, lol. Luckily the birds were gone, we needed to clean it for our trip.



I love the way you created the "nest." It's very textural and evokes a nest perfectly.

sue b

you know what they say - better late than never and these are definitely worth waiting for!


Awwww, these are great!

Libby Fife

Very clever and not easy to get a circular feeling on a rectangular piece!

Irene Puzinas

Love the card and thanks for the tutorial!

Quilter Kathy

Love these postcards...what a creative interpretation of the theme! Thanks for the tutorial.

Jeanne McBrayer

These turned out great! Just checked our box this morning- three brand new babies and one still in the egg. Hope they don't get over-heated in there this week!


The creative process takes time; doncha know? these are beautiful and thanks for showing how you made them. I'm thinking the folks who received them thought they were right on time!


I love this! Very creative--and the best part is even I could do it. (Note the operative word is COULD!)


OMG I love that card, really love it.

Carole Prevost-Meier

I love the bird lying there with beak open! I just think that is so funny! The one on the other side looks like s/he smiling! Funny. Thanks for the tutorial! Cheers!


I love everything about these cards except the freaky birds in the middle!!

Enjoy Craft Week.


These are soooo cute.


You've done a lot of great cards but think this is my favorite of all. Well done!

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