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May 08, 2010



Love it in the Dahlia! Beautiful!


This color scheme is just gorgeous! I love the way you used it in the quilt block. It proves that we should take our inspiration from nature more often.


Beautiful! Peacock feathers are long time favorites of mine. My mother had one and used as a reading marker... I remember stealing it whenever I could and mother being really upset because she would lose track of her reading!


Whoa! Now that's GREAT indeed.


Aren't peacock feathers just UNREAL? A friend here has a peacock and I'm as bad as the children for following it arounf waiting to see the feathers all spread out- it neve ceases to stun me with its beauty!


The Adobe Ideas program that I'm using on the iPad to draw out my quilting designs also has a palette tool. I haven't used it for pulling fabrics for a quilt yet but I need to give that a try and see how I like it.

Have you used one for an actual quilt? I'd love the see the photo, the palette and the quilt if you have.


The colors are wonderful, especially the blue. My peacock feathers appear to be a different collection of colors. Will need to study them to practice identifying those in the palette.


Great way to identify a color palette. Love how it looks in the Dahlia quilt. Are you using a specific program for this task?

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