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April 06, 2010



You are too funny! You just noticed it took videos! You did a great job with the video. Love the information! Thank you!


thanks for the tip on turning the corner with the double needle. never would have thought of it!

Gabi With An Eye

Excellent tutorial videos. Thanks for the great tip on stopping the stitch with the needle in the up position when I reach the corner. I always intentionally stop with the needle down into the fabric (or paper) in order to allow me to turn the fabric at the corner but with your video I can clearly see the benefits of leaving the needle in the up position. Thank you! I use a double needle for pintucking. I wonder if the pintucking needle is different from your double needle. They appear to look the same.


Great videos. You don't double fold the top over so there isn't a raw edge on the back?


Nicely done, Vicki, and a lovely voice too! Thank you.

Terri Stegmiller

Great video tutes!!!!

Becky in VA

Placemats are still on my to-do list. Great video!

Ruth Lane

Good job on the videos. I think videos are so much easier to understand than just photos with written instructions especially for sewing stuff.

Sally Bramald

How great to hear your voice. I think voices say so much more than photos!

Mary Couch

Great info... so, what would it be like to free motion with a double needle?????
Hugs from Mary

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