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March 24, 2010


Judy B


I bought a piece of f abric yesterday, will wash it today, ..... the wheels are in motion for another project!

We definitely need a variety of projects underway ...... particularly hand work which will travel easily, some things we can do sitting in a comfy chair, some to do at a table/desk, some lap top projects. Another lot of projects in various machining stages is good too.

Judy B


Gee, thanks for permission to start a new project today. I have been itching to cut a new one.


ugh. I'm in finish mode. Do. Not. tempt me. no no no.


So glad you are able to work on something with your back being out. This is a great project for that! Thank you for the suggestion. I was thinking today about what new project I could work on. Hmmm...

deb levy

pretty! Oh and great ad in Quilting Arts mag, I saw it last night!

Mary Anne

I guess I have to thank you for telling me it is okay to start a new project to add to the UFO pile?

Becky in VA

Beautiful ornament, but I think the CAT has been on vacation way too long!


Hmmm....I need something to take with me to Texas--from Alaska that's a lot of plane time!! (And hotel time while DH is doing business stuff without me!!) What to do? I HATE prepping!!


You win, I started new socks!

I just love these ornaments esp. since I'm not tempted to make them myself and can just enjoy seeing yours.

shirley bruner

i was thinking of a new project, too.....a selvage vest. thanks for the push to do it today. LOL and i was thinking of dyeing more fabric. it is raining now and i was wondering if i could hand hand dyes in the rain and it would help to rinse out the last of the dye. think i'll try that.

Suzanne Kistler

Start a new project? I wish!!! April 15, when the quilt show has come and gone, then I'm with you, all the way!!!

Karen S

OK! -- I pulled fabrics for a new project last night -- working on a dog portrait tonight after work. Maybe finishing some ATCs too.


Love those sparkly ornaments.


Yikes, like I need encouragement to have a new project idea! Has anybody done a study to see if there is more exhilartion starting or finishing a project? I never thought a whole lot about ADD until someone identified themselves as an ADD Crafter. oooh, if the shoe fits...
But I do hear what you are saying and I agree.


Love your ornaments but i was hoping to see the stupid cat, LOL :o)


I am always tempted to start new things! In fact I started another monkey quilt - thanks to your fabric!

Thearica Burroughs

As usal, this is gorgeous!!

I have been MIA in blogland for a few weeks. So I have a lot to get caught up on. One of my friends missed me and sent me an award and I am passing it on to you!

You have been tagged with the Sunshine Bloggers Award! Take a peek at my blog to see what it is all about! Congratulations!!

Ivory Spring

Those blues are beautiful, Vicki.

Robin in Short Pump


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