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March 28, 2010



I really love the inside view of your technique. Your quilt is beautiful!

Becky in VA

Getting the Whole Story about your Communications challenge quilt just makes me want to see it even more. I can't get a feel for all those tiny pieces by looking at the photos. Fabulous design!

Sue H


Judy B

Wonderful design, and wonderful to see the inside story. Even love the back with the samples of all the fabrics ..... great idea!

Judy B


I like the layers and the depth of the piece. I can see it would take a long time to get those pieces all trimmed and fused.


I can see how this would be very fascinating to design. You've given us an excellent insight into your process. Pieces on top of pieces, then layers overlaying layers and all fitting together precisely. Wonderful!


beautiful work!! and great design.


that's awesome. I liked it in the first photo you shared.

Crystal Stanworth

this is absolutely incredible - i love it. thanks for posting the details on it! give us all something to work on... or dream about :o)

Karen S

What fun! I have been playing around with kaleidoscope quilting for a while, but now I will have to try fusing instead of piecing! Thanks for this info.


Oh this is just amazing! I just love this quilt!


and here i thought the blue was striped...never even guessed it was the quilting that striped it!

sue bleiweiss

I can't believe how fiddly this technique is!

Ellen Kuzemchak

Stunning! Absolutely incredible.
ellen in VA


Wow! You really do like the fiddly stuff! Well done!


Fabulous work! I love kaleidoscopes, and yours are stunning, original and inspirational!

Libby Fife

That is an amazing process! How I can relate to those meetings:) It is true in my non work life too. Like herding kittens.

Sandy Jandik

It's a beautiful quilt-very original.


Excellent - I want to see this in person! What did you like best - piecing or fusing these kinds of quilts? Looks like you can get more intricate designs by fusing.

Very cool!


Having made several fussy cut pieced kaleidoscopes, I can appreciate the amount of work it took to create these fused pieces. They are absolutely exquisite!

Congratulations on an outstanding piece of work!


Thanks for sharing your construction process, what a lot of work! Well worth it though, your quilt is fabulous.

Kristin Farwig

I really love your piece! It's very creative.


It's beautiful. Amazing. and no wonder your back went out- my whole self is seizing up at the thought of the tiny pieces. but I love it and aspire, it's splendid! :)

Ruth Lane

Amazing work - I couldn't stand to do it but you make it look easy!



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