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March 13, 2010


Becky in VA

Can't wait to see the FRONT!!!


Great tip....thanks for sharing. I can't wait either!!!!


Loved seeing how you used Mistyfuse on this quilt; fabulous idea!


So you used misty fuse in a manner similar to spray baste?


Ohhhh I love the back! How large is this piece, Vicki?

vicky davis

Good tip! Of course I zeroed in on the carpet note at the very bottom...and wondered if your allergies wouldn't be affected by the new carpet?? Removing carpet from our lives has been wonderful...but it was also combined with a metal box [trailer] so it was a double whammy as far as allergies go.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer

What a good idea for basting a quilt. Sorry to hear that your back is ailing. As for carpet...I would like to rip out all mine from the second and third floor, and we have lived here 16 years with the same boring beige-y carpet. Probably will be stuck with it until we are ready to sell this place.

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