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February 27, 2010


deb levy

quite the haul! Good job doing your part for the economy!


looks like you had a fun day shopping and looking at quilts. And it is always nice when you can do it in a day even if exhausted by the end of it.

Sue H

Wow! You found some fabulous treasures. Can't wait to see what you do with them!


Great fabrics -- The BatikTambal stuff will make fabulous kaleidoscopes.

vicky davis

what fun!!!! I can't blame you for going bonkers over the kaleidescope piecing, i have always liked it and do enjoy viewing your versions very much!!!

please please please...send me some lizard scraps when you are done, i will use the lizard in my tile quilting idea that i am doing for moi. even parts of things tend to end up in my just the heads, or butts, and i find another thing to combine with it.


I didn't even seeing Maine-ly Sewing at the show. I happened upon that shop last September when we were in Maine and I made a few purchases then.

Ruth Lane

Looks like you showed the proper amount of enthusiam in supporting the economy!


I did some injecting too. (While taking 300+ photos.)


I forgot - I did not see Maine-ly sewing... I found them at Lancaster the year before last & loved their stuff.

Judy L.

Never thought much about how what we're making plays such an important part in the fabric we buy. Are you looking for symmetrical type designs way more than you were before you started doing the kaleidoscopes? My tone on tones wouldn't get me very far with those blocks, would they? Looks like you had lots of good shopping fun.

Ivory Spring

Nice fabrics!

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