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December 21, 2009



How about putting another piece of fabric into the catch tray under the snow dyed piece? Would that then give you twice as much fabric from each batch of dye? You would probably also get some interesting patterns as the dye drips though at different rates in different areas.


Since we have at least six months of snow here, i have done a bit of snow dyeing to make use of it. I have never tried mixing the dye powder with the snow. I'd probably do that outside. I do really like the watery effect I sometimes get. I have always done it on wet fabrics. I posted some of the results on my blog recently and more last March.


interesting process!

Terri Stegmiller

Love the snow dyeing results. I too, think the effort involved to dye this way would be too much for doing regularly and think this is one of the reasons I have not yet done it.


Vicki I have done over 1000 yards of snowdyed fabric. My technique is published in the Oct/Nov Quilting Arts Magazine. What I do is mix the liquid dye into the snow then put it on top the fabric, I also do 3 yards at one time and use 2 cups of dye liquid for the 3 yards. When I dye a yard of fabric I usually use a cup of dye so I am actually using less dye in snowdyeing. I also put it on a piece of plexiglass tilted at an angle so the dye runs off into a pan. I let it sit overnight to batch at room temp. I also only use one color of dye liquid and love the way the color splits. You have see loads of pics on my blog


I should also add that I get some of the similar colors using only one dye.

Becky in VA

Beautiful fabrics. Of course, YOU couldn't just "do it" - your various techniques are very interesting and a LOT of work. Your "regular" dyeing methods are fabulous and you don't need snow! Happy sewing today, my friend.

deb levy

Interesting experiment and the results are great! The crystalline patterning you get can be achieved with low water immersion techniques...however you don't get the fun of playing in the snow!

For me, since there's not much chance we'll ever get any snow, I'll just enjoy your efforts.


Ohmygosh, those are stunning. I need it to wait until after Christmas, but then...let it snow! Thanks for sharing the process and the results. Amazing...


Fascinating! I had not heard of this technique, but I love the results that were achieved. I can almost 'see' the snow crystals in the textures. Thanks for showing us in such detail.

Candied Fabrics

Thanks for doing this! They are lovely...but I'm also glad to hear your opinion that this effect is achievable different ways.

Ruth Lane

I keep thinking I'll try this but never have. Now that you've done the experimenting, I might not need to - although I might try this on a felted piece to see how it comes out, sometime...

Kristin Farwig

This looks like fun, even if messy! Thanks for sharing your experiments. You got some really great texture! It doesn't snow much in Greenville, SC, so I may never get to try this!


It was interesting to read of your method; but, quite frankly, I don't think I'll ever really be able to do it myself (well, unless I raid the ice machine of its ice!).

sue bleiweiss

well you got definitely got great results but I gotta say that this is one technique that I don't think I'll ever try myself. Seems like way too much work!


It looks really cool. Stay away from the yellow snow is all i was ever told :)


Beautiful fabrics. I am a novice dyer but "might" try this when it snows here. Judi does her dyeing even when it isn't snow and I haven't figured out how to do that. Do you save the snow in the freezer?

Connie Rose

Thanks for the instructions and terrific photos, Vicki. Wish it snowed where I am so I could try this! Happy Holidays!


These turned out great! Thanks for the instructions! Will you play in the snow again, or is that it for the season?

Sandy Jandik

Great results. WE don't get enough snow.

Michele at Sweet Leaf

As always, beautiful results, Vicki! Glad to see you've finally gotten the chance to try snow-dyeing! I've never tried it on dry fabric before--nice to see the different effects that are possible. I've gotten some nice watercolor effects with snow-dyeing that I have not gotten from low water immersion. Happy Holidays!

Cindy Is Crafty

I like the bottom pics as the colors are a bit more vivid on the fabric. Perhaps since it was better soaked in the dye?

Chris in the Shady Grove

Hi Vicki, Thanks for putting together this tutorial. I've been thinking about trying this technique since I first heard about it last year. I love your results! I also loved all the posts you did about your beautiful ornaments. Merry, merry Christmas! Chris

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