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November 29, 2009


Becky in VA

Your postcards are gorgeous and the demo is very interesting. 15 cards in 3 hours is very fast!


Great postcard and thanks for the tutorial. This is the first year I haven't made cards but there is still time. So little time so much to do.

Ruth Lane

These are cool - I love the depth that you achieved.

Lynn Douglass

I saw those stencils too, but didn't know what I'd do with them. Great idea!


These are beautiful! I'm probably going to do some snowflake cards too but like 2 not 80.

Robin in Short Pump

Oh, you are too ambitious at this time of year LOL. These are beautiful, Vicki and thanks for showing me (you did that just for me, right?) that you can do them on the serger.


Question: do you 'turn the corner' on your serger or do you run off the end and then weave in the tails? If you 'turn the corner' how do you do that? I love these snowflake postcards. Do the hot fix crystals mess up the postoffice?

Vicki  Welsh

As for turning corners on the serger, I do it both ways but on this card I turned the corner. When I get th the end of one side I pull the card back from the needle just far enough to get the threads off of the loopers - so thats only about 1/8. Then I turn it and serge down the other side. When doing postcards I dont take the time to weave in the ends, I just add a drop of Fray Check to both sides of the cards at the ending corner and then clip the threads.

The post offices doesnt seem to have a problem with the hot fix crystals but I usually try to keep them at least 3/8 from the bottom edge - the edge that will go through the machines.

Vicki Welsh
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Jeanne Turner McBrayer

Beautiful cards...what did you use to sun-print the snowflakes? Buttons? I love the table runner, too.

Debra Spincic



These are great - thanks for the great tutorial.

Ivory Spring

These are particularly beautiful!

sue b

awesome, awesome, awesome!


Lovely and a perfect use of the fabric.

Cindy Is Crafty

These are stinkin' awesome Vicki! Love them!


Wow, Vicki! You are so talented! Thank You so much for helping to teach those of us (me!) who are less crafty. I am very interested in your postcards, they're gorgeous and such a good idea and I can't wait to try them. Your keepsake quilt pattern is purr-fect for some 'cat' fabric i have been collecting for 2-3 years but i couldn't find the right pattern to 'showcase' the cat characters on the fabric. Thank You Thank You, this pattern will make my gift quilt so much fun to make now! Happy sewing!

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