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October 16, 2009


Kristin L

I love the little triangles in Judy Eckmeier's quilt. I often want to incorporate something like this in my work, but have yet to pull it off.

Kristin L

oops, I meant Karen.


Oh poor Vickie, I sure felt bad for you, my goodness, mom didn't ask how you were...then...I saw the elephant! omg, if you bring it home for mom can I come visit? It is unbelievably awesome! Glad you're ok, but Vickie, the elephant?!? lol, sorry, I love it too! Hey, pop over, answer my question on what to do with my magazines and sign up for my giveaway. Wow, the, Elaine


These are beautiful. Is it just me, or are the "also rans" always more interesting than the winners?


LOL at your mom's email! I understand her, though - that elephant was amazing.
The quilts are gorgeous! Brilliant exhibition. My favourite is the asymmetrical log cabin. Thanks for sharing these beauties with us!

Vicky F

Hi Vicki,
Looks like you are having a blast! "Bring home the elephant" -- what a hoot!
Love all of the quilts you chose to show us today; can't name a favorite.
Vicky F


Everything is so beautiful. Unfortunately I'm unable to provide further attention to the topic as I'm spending my morning recovering from a unlovely chat with delightful mum.


Thanks for the quilt pics. I love that shaded one.


Hi Vicki, Thanks for posting some of your favorites from the show. I appreciate your point of view, and the quilts you selected are beautiful.


I feel bad for mom. But knowing exactly how big the elephant is you would really have to buy a seat for it... LOL!! Now out of all the quilts you have there, Karen Eckmeier's is a fave. She lives close to me and is a quilting friend. I have been able to see this quilt up close and personal. Karen is also a wonderful teacher if you ever have the opportunity to take a class from her. Looking forward to more posts.

Nina M in BC

Hi Vicki, what awesome reporting! I enjoy your comments and personal views, unlike others who just slap some pictures up of the show. Thanks a lot -Hope you are safe at home with no sneezing! Bye- I must go explore some more.


Wow those are gorgeous. I love the log cabin ish one with the gradients. Glad your allergies held out on you.

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