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October 17, 2009


sue b

I would have liked to have seen that Fabric Forest exhibit. I think that is a very cool idea and I'll bet it was fun to walk through.

Terri Stegmiller

I'm loving your updates from Houston! Here's what I'd like to know. I visited the Bendable light web site and it didn't tell me what kind of battery the light takes. I hope it's not one that is hard to find and expensive. Does the package tell you?

Deb Hardman

Wow, it looks like a great exhibit. Thanks for sharing.

I LOVE the So Fine threads. I just used some, & it sews like butter!

Mary Anne

Thanks for being able to 'see' the show through your eyes and read your commentary on it. It's the closest I'm going to come to that type of show because yesterday I had to miss the CreativFestival in Toronto which is the closest we have to something of Houston's magnitude. The only reason I really wanted to go was to see 'The Quilt of Belonging', but our dog has to come first. Bummer, tho'.


Gosh this is so magnificent! As I've never been to anything like this I really appreciate you sharing. I'm so blown away.


That forrest is a very cool concept. I'm sure the pictures do not do it justice! Have a safe trip home.


Wow, you really did show restraint! I am impressed. Although, I am so sorry it was partially due to an allergic reaction. I hope that you are better now. At least you were able to see all the lovely quilts. Such inspiration year after year. Have a safe trip home!


Thanks for sharing your trip. Sorry you had a reaction. The bendable lights are fabulous. Especially for old eyes like mine. Love the Sew Fine thread and those bobbins last a really long time. I live about 1/2 hour from their warehouse. So I can shop there. Wow, what a candy store, looking at all the thread colors.


Ooooooh I have to go check those photos out. That must have been stunning in person.

I completely understand the volume of crap! Hubby today needed a glue gun and velcro. I pulled out 3 glue guns and 4 different kinds of velcro. Hubby just looked at me and says what no sticky backed velcro? Yeah I had that in another place.Lol.


Wow, those trees are cool! That would be a great way to hang a quilt in your house! It would have to be tall and skinny though, but it's a great idea. Don't you love So Fine thread? Have you used the MistyFuse yet? How do you like it?

Kristin Farwig

Thanks for sharing some pics from Houston, especially the Fabric Forest. What a lovely exhibit. That would have been fun to see!


The forest of a quilters it!

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