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September 10, 2009


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Thanks for visiting my blog Vicki. I love making soap too. These are great recipes you have. I will try them for sure. Thanks for sharing. YOur fabric is wonderful too BTW. I've been dyeing fabric and doing some batiking lately. Love it all! Hope you visit again.

sue b

Bacon soap huh...

Mary Anne

Bacon soap? I think I might want to eat it!! Then again, I'd probably want to eat the mango apricot too. That would just give a whole new meaning to frothing at the mouth, wouldn't it?

Cindy Is Crafty

Now you need to make a lettuce and tomato soap so I can wash with a BLT! LOL! I crack myself (and digust myself)up!


Hmmmm, I gotta admit, that bacon soap certainly doesn't sound appealing.

Nancy H

I can only imagine this advertisement in the pet shop....

"Bacon soap, the only bar to use when your bitch cant find a mate" LOL


Hmmmm..... Bacon soap not sure whether I want to smell like bacon or just eat it? Interesting.

Paula Hewitt

reading the comments about the bacon soap made me laugh - one of my neighbours came over when i was making soap using fat i'd saved from lamb roasts - and she said ' eeww - i dont want to smell like a roast leg of lamb' i had to point out that the finished soap doesn't smell like the meat it came from! although I did see on the telly once some American blokes who made bacon flavoured lip-gloss, so maybe it wouldnt be a bad thing...

Susan Elliott

OMG Vicki, is there anything you can't do??? Amazing to me that you're a soap maker too!


Bacon soap?.....


What a riot, Mary Anne!! Food flavored soaps make me hungry, too!


Gosh, woman...I was going to say, "is there anything you cannot do?" but see Susan beat me to it.
I'm amazed you can still find lye; it's been taken off the shelf around here...dope heads make drugs with it or some such. I can't imagine.
Beautiful soap...makes taking a bath wonderful. I refused to use anything other than hand made soap or, sometimes, body wash but Never that stuff sold in stores as soap; it's really detergent and makes me i-t-c-h!


wow - does the soap SMELL like bacon????

you're very productive!

i say, re: the zippers, thats a great pile of zippers! i';m sure you'll find a use for them.

and as for the buying in bulk and of multiple things, crafty things, there are far worse habits, rights?


Have you thought about selling the soaps in your Etsy store? I love soaps but my husband would kill me if I pick up another hobby. Just a thought!

Nancy´s Soap Recipes

I have never made bacon soap (always thought it sounded weird), but now I´m interested. I´m very curious to see how it turned out. Will you let us know?

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