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September 07, 2009


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Debra Spincic

I firmly believe in using every little scrap so I have a big pillowcase made from some crappy fabric under my sewing table. Every little bit goes into it and when it is full, it becomes a pet pillow or bed.

Since I am still learning to FMQ, I save the batting scraps for practice but then when done, they are made into beds too. It's very gratifying and needed.


Wonderful. Quick and easy and such a nice little project. Just think how a nice snooze some puppy will have on that.

I just happen to be making some cat mats out of some of my scraps. When I get a dozen made, I'll be sending them to the shelter.


Great way to use up all those practice fabrics. Thanks!

Becky in VA

What a great project. Stitching the channels is a good way to keep the stuffing even in the bed. Add a scoop of cedar shavings to the stuffing and it will make the animal smell a little nicer and I think cedar helps repel fleas.


Right on! I dig this. I should do this actually. LeeHaven and the cats and dogs could use this. I feel like I haven't my own dern Shelter...

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