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August 13, 2009


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Carla Barrett

Vicki, I'm allergic to detergent, too. The only one I can use is unscented ALL- HE.

Glad you are making your own. I still love my soap!!

Candied Fabrics

Oh Man Vicki, again what a PITA...unless doing this gets more foods back in your diet...that would be cool!

Lori in SD

Ahh--that's the recipe I use too. I have some of those square pails laundry soap used to come in, and I use that to mix up my soap and let set overnight. Then I store it in empty ice cream pails and use an old plastic cup to dip out with for my washer. For us it's not that the boughten laundry detergent bothers allergies, but it just COSTS a lot! I can make a lot of soap for a fraction of the cost.

Mary Anne

What a great idea! I'm going to check these out & maybe give some a try. Laundry soap is so expensive, and it would be fun to see if I can make something comparable & save money too. Detergent allergies aren't a huge problem for us (DH is violently allergic to Tide but that seems to be the only one).


My husband and I both have very sensitive skin and I've found it is difficult to find products that don't contain dyes and/or perfumes. I hope your homemade soap will help with your allergies.

Mary Anne

oops...meant to the homemade soaps work in cold water? The only thing we wash in hot is the towels and sheets, everything else is in cold. Does anybody know?


You really are being thorough with figuring this out, although I don't blame you. I hope this works for you, as I know how limiting and annoying your allergies can be.


I have made two batches of homemade soap. Our local thrift shop often sells homemade soap already shredded so I used that. It works just fine and also works in cold water. The only thing it doesn't like much is very hard water.

Debra Spincic

How do you measure the soap for the new HE designation on the washers? Since I figured out my problem with the washer was using too much soap and throwing the machine into soap overload, I want to make sure I am not doing that again. I'm going to check out the links too for info.

Becky in VA

ummm. . .so interesting. I may make laundry detergent just for the fun of doing it. Firt, I need to finish hand quilting a wall hanging which will be going to a small exhibit August 31. Then I can cut loose - and make hot pads, placemats, laundy detergent and maybe lotion. THAT lotion is really, really good and going quickly. The soaps are still too pretty to use - I have them on the vanity to enjoy!


Love the new blog look. We deal with skin allergies here too, but so far All has worked for us too. Let us know how yours works, because I am always looking for fresh ideas....hehe....

Paula Hewitt

snap! i have just bought the ingredients to make laundry powder. and i found a few kilos of fat i 'lost' in the back of the fridge since my last soap making venture. guess what Im doing this weekend!

Ruth Lane

Hope the soap works for you. I do OK as long as there are no dyes or perfumes. But the thing that really gets me are the dryer sheets, they're the worst!

sue b

hope this works out for you Vicki.


Goodness, I sure hope this helps your allergies. I will be interested to learn about the suds and the temperature needed. I have a front loader and also wash everything in cold water. If this works well in both those areas I know what I will be doing!!
I wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. I always find so much stuff of interest. Thank you!


My mother used to make soap too... It's a great idea if you have allergies

dove philippines

Well i am also allergic too but it depends on a soap. :)


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